With over 20 years of experience, Master Class Barbers NYC is a place where classic barbering traditions and ultimate styling techniques combine into one. By carefully synergizing tradition and styling, Master Class Barbers NYC sets the standard for the best barbers in Brooklyn, NY.

Our experience allows our clients to benefit from detailed consultations and a variety of professional barbering services. We guarantee you a friendly environment and an excellent haircut, regardless of the weather and time of year.

Whether you’re looking to shape up your beard, update your old hairstyle, or create a new one, our professional barbers near you are ready to serve you. Looking for a qualified barber in Brooklyn? Book an appointment today!

Why Choose Master Class Barber NYC The Best Barbershop Near you

So what separates Master Class Barber NYC from the hundreds of other barbershops in Brooklyn, NY?

Our Staff

First and foremost is our dedicated and professionally-trained barbershop staff. With talent from all over the world, our staff at Master Class Barber NYC as the Best Barbershop near you brings years of experience and worldly insights. Each team member has an unrivaled dedication to the craft. Using techniques that range from traditional to new-age our team can help make your vision become reality.

Our Product Line

Next, every product we use, from aftershave to hair gel, is thoroughly tested and approved by our team. Before we ever offer it to or use it on customers, we make sure that each product holds up to our gold-star standards.

Our Ideology

Lastly, every barber at our barbershop near you at Master Class Barber NYC is committed to keeping up with and improving on current men’s haircut and beard trends. If you’ve seen a style in a show, magazine, or social media site that you absolutely love, we’ve got you covered. Using breaking-edge styling techniques or old-school barbering methods we are able to take your vision and make it a reality.

Brooklyn Barbershop Services

Secondly, our quality of service is the best in the business. Whether you are coming in for a quick beard trim or a classic cut, we handle each request with gratitude. Each of our team members believes in the power of looking and feeling your best. We strive to make every client walk out of our shop feeling confident and proud of how they look!

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