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Top 15 Best Hair Salons in Brooklyn, NY (2024)

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Brooklyn, NY, is known for its eclectic style and vibrant culture, which extends to its array of top-notch hair salons. Whether you’re seeking a trendy haircut, a unique color treatment, or a classic style, Brooklyn has something for everyone. With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to explore the best hair salons in Brooklyn, NY. This updated 2024 list highlights the top 15 salons that stand out for their exceptional service, skilled stylists, and inviting atmospheres.

Why Choose a Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY?

Choosing one of the best hair salons in Brooklyn, NY, means opting for quality, diversity, and expertise. The borough is home to a plethora of salons that cater to all hair types and styles, ensuring that every client is satisfied. Brooklyn’s salons are renowned for their innovative approaches and ability to stay ahead of hair trends, making it easy to find a salon that fits your personal style and needs.

Criteria for Selection

The salons on this list were selected based on several criteria: customer reviews, range of services offered, stylist expertise, and the overall ambiance of the salon. Each salon has proven its ability to provide high-quality service consistently, making them the best hair salons in Brooklyn, NY.

Top 15 Best Hair Salons in Brooklyn, NY (2024)

1. Master Class Barber NYC

Located in Park Slope, Master Class Barber NYC is renowned for its expert barber services and welcoming atmosphere. Specializing in both modern and traditional cuts, we provide a full range of barbering services, including beard trims and specialty shaves.

2. Self Salon

Situated in Bushwick, Self Salon offers a chic, modern space with a team of talented stylists. They provide services such as color corrections, highlights, and textured cuts.

3. Dvir Salon

Dvir Salon in Park Slope is known for its personalized service and expert stylists. Their specialties include custom coloring, keratin treatments, and elegant updos.

4. Adel Atelier

Adel Atelier in Cobble Hill combines luxury with creativity. They offer services from classic cuts to avant-garde styles, with a focus on client satisfaction.

5. Fabio Scalia Salon

Located in Brooklyn Heights, Fabio Scalia Salon prides itself on delivering top-tier services such as precision cutting, innovative coloring, and bespoke treatments.

6. Parlor

Nestled in Greenpoint, Parlor is a favorite for its relaxing environment and talented team. They offer a range of services, including balayage, highlights, and men’s grooming.

7. Whistle & Bango

This Williamsburg salon is known for its trendy styles and expert colorists. Whistle & Bango provides services such as creative coloring, balayage, and keratin treatments.

8. The Bird House

Located in Prospect Heights, The Bird House offers a warm and welcoming environment. Their services include custom cuts, balayage, and styling for special occasions.

9. Wonderland Beauty Parlor

Situated in Carroll Gardens, Wonderland Beauty Parlor is a whimsical space with top-notch stylists. They offer services like color transformations, precision cuts, and styling.

10. Pimps and Pinups

This DUMBO salon is known for its edgy styles and talented team. Pimps and Pinups specializes in creative cuts, vibrant coloring, and men’s grooming.

11. Hair & Co BKLYN

Located in Clinton Hill, Hair & Co BKLYN is praised for its inclusive and diverse services. They offer everything from traditional cuts to modern styles and custom colors.

12. Shampoo Avenue B

In Williamsburg, Shampoo Avenue B offers a retro vibe with contemporary services. Their specialties include classic cuts, vibrant colors, and keratin treatments.

13. The Lion’s Mane Salon

Situated in Fort Greene, The Lion’s Mane Salon provides a cozy and creative atmosphere. Services include detailed cuts, unique coloring, and beard grooming.

14. Mousey Brown Salon

Located in Greenpoint, Mousey Brown Salon is celebrated for its artistic approach and skilled stylists. They offer services such as balayage, precision cuts, and creative styling.

15. CutLoose

In Williamsburg, CutLoose is known for its relaxed vibe and expert stylists. They provide a variety of services, including haircuts, color treatments, and styling.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Salon

When choosing the best hair salon in Brooklyn, NY, consider the following tips:

Research: Look up reviews and ratings online to see what other clients are saying.

Visit: Take a tour of the salon to check the cleanliness and ambiance.

Consultation: Schedule a consultation to discuss your hair goals and see if the stylist understands your vision.

Experience: Consider the stylist’s experience and specialization to ensure they can meet your specific needs.

Master Class Barber NYC – We Are Truly Among the Best!

Considering going to one of the top hair salons in Brooklyn? We are known to be among the best salons in the city for offering top-notch cuts and services at the hands of experienced barbers. Whether it’s a trendy cut or a relaxing shave, our team at Master Class Barber NYC is here to meet all your hair care needs. Book your appointment today and take your hair to the next level!

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