Find Out the Best Beard Cut for Your Face

It’s probable that if you’re looking for the best beard barber Brooklyn, you’re also on a mission to locate the style that best suits your features and brings out your best features. Not only can a well-kept beard improve your look, but it will also send a strong message about your attention to detail and sense of personal style.

In this blog, we will discuss the finest beard styles for various facial types to assist you in growing a beard that is not only perfect but also uniquely suited to your face.

Short Beard Styles According To Your Face Shape

Although short beards may appear little in size, they possess a significant impact in terms of expressing one’s individuality. To search for the ideal short beard, it is crucial to ascertain your facial structure – whether square, round, oval, or rectangular. After identifying your facial structure, you may choose a beard style that harmonizes with it effortlessly.

Square Faces:

A well-defined jawline and strong cheekbones characterize square faces. Emphasize these features with a beard that’s shorter on the sides and fuller on the chin. Consider a “circle beard” or goatee for a sophisticated look.

Round Faces:

To offset the roundness of your face, opt for a slim beard style that angles to slim your appearance. A box-shaped beard with angular lines along the cheekbones and slightly longer on the chin can work wonders. Alternatively, channel your inner swashbuckler with an anchor beard.

Oval Faces:

Oval faces are versatile and well-suited for various beard styles. Get creative with lightning bolt patterns or a horseshoe mustache. Alternatively, let your beard grow freely for a carefree and natural look.

Rectangular Faces:

Celebrate your sharp features with a beard that’s shorter on the bottom and longer along your jawline. Consider a chin strap style beard or old-timey mutton chops by growing your sideburns long and connecting them to your mustache.

Incorporate a hydrating Beard Oil into your grooming routine to ensure your short beard stays soft and smooth. This will soften your facial hair and nourish the skin underneath.

Medium Length Beard Styles

Medium-length beards achieve an optimal equilibrium between short and long, combining adaptability and fashion. Regular trimming and grooming are crucial for preserving the allure of your medium-sized beard. Below are many moderate beard styles to contemplate:

Extended Goatee:

Keep the sides of your beard much shorter than the chin and mustache for a sophisticated extended goatee.

V-Shaped Beard:

For a dashing Verdi beard, trim it into a V while growing your mustache to make it long and twirly.

Be sure to give your medium beard a regular combing or brushing and apply a beard lotion to keep the skin hydrated and the facial hair strong and silky. This will help your beard appear its best.

Long Beard Styles

Long beards are the stuff of legends, sported by iconic figures like Dumbledore and Billy Gibbons. Achieving a long beard takes patience and dedication, but the results can be legendary. Here are two long beard styles to aspire to:


Named after an Italian general from the 19th century, the Garibaldi combines the ruggedness of a bushy full beard with a neatly trimmed mustache. It’s a harmonious blend of barbered and barbaric.


Sharpen your ducktail beard to a point, emulating Uncle Scrooge’s style. This downward trajectory adds a fine point to your facial hair, giving your face a unique and distinctive appearance.

Remember, growing a long beard is only half the battle. You’ll need to invest time in styling and care to achieve the right appearance. Regular maintenance, trimming, and grooming will help you achieve the perfect long beard.

Find Your Perfect Beard Fit at Master Class Barber NYC

The journey to find the best beard trimmer in Brooklyn marks a vital step in beard grooming. More than just selecting a tool, it’s about discovering the beard style that best complements your facial structure, elevating your personal style, and highlighting your individual features. Whether you have a square, round, oval, or rectangular face, there’s a beard style waiting to enhance your natural attributes.

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